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Let me use your photograph as a basis for a genuine OIL PAINTING.



Here are some examples. The first is of Gamla Eagle Park.


The photographs were used for the scenery while I put in the eagles for added interest. While as a photograph, the scene is fine, as an oil painting, in this case, there needed to be more to it. I also slightly compressed the landscape in order to fit the elements of the scene into the format of the painting. 



The second photograph is of a piano teacher and her pupil. This is a combination of two or three photographs. For example, the painting uses both hands of the teacher, from different photographs, in order to emphasise the role of the teacher. The peripheral surrounds were added from my imagination.



Copying a photograph to faithfully make a painting does not usually work. Even when in front of an actual landscape, most artists "alter" the landscape for the sake of the principles of art. 


CONTACT me for further information.

Gamla on easel .jpg
Piano Lesson with Rita cut from.jpg
With flowers2.jpg
Piano Lesson.jpg
Eagle Park - Gamla.JPG
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